Monday, September 20, 2010

21 Here is a BBC documentary on Angor Wat, the largest temple in the world.

And here is a picture of one of the smallest in Braslavas pagasts, Alojas novads, Latvia. We call our temple "Melnays Jahnis" or Black John.

Black John is Green John turned black and all its limbs cut off. Black John recalls the forests of a land fast becoming deforested. Just yesterday a builder of log houses, which he exports to Norway, complained on a television program that his concern is running up against the problem of insufficient quality timber.

Like the jays and squirrels in the fall gather acorns to store them in their winter barns (whereever these may be), we, too, are gathering acorns and sowing them to grow into mighty (we hope) oaks.

We encourage you or your acquaintances to consider building your own private outdoor temple. Why? Because we all hold something sacred and nature best represents the sense of the sacred in our time.

When enough people build their own outdoor temples with the intent to resacralize the forest, we will have sown a seed that has a future as certain as nature is green.