Friday, April 13, 2012

We are excited to announce that the Temple shall shortly begin to sell our Saw-Cross sign. Presently available only at the "Tine" stores in Riga, Audeju iela 10, Latvia.
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‘Melnays Jānis’
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A temple dedicated to reforestation.

The Saw-Cross is lazer cut from a thin plane of veneer. It may be worn around the neck or as an attachment to shirt or jacket. In due course, we will post a picture of the insignia; it looks much like the saw-cross in the photo above and is, roughly, as high and wide as your little finger. On the reverse: "Save the Forests from the Saw-Cross." We hope that you will be one of our customer. Any income derived from the sale will go toward the upkeep of the Temple. For more information, please read and address this site. Thank you.