Friday, February 4, 2011

Alarm bells
from the Latvian forests and wildlife!!!!!!!!!!
Aljezeera English has just published an essay on the state of Latvian forests, re

The horror perpetrated against Latvian forests by LVM (Latvijas Valsts Meži -- Latvian State Forests) may not be an official crime, but surely is double talk by  LVM officials and by Latvia's Prime Minister Dombrovskis. See both in Aljezeera clip.

We at "Ceļmalnieki" have the only temple dedicated to destroyed Latvian forests in Latvia. The "Saw Cross" pictured above is our copyrighted symbol, which we hope will be adopted by all organizations against wanton forest destruction. The "Saw Cross" can be seen in more abstract form at posts at the beginning of this series. Scroll down and click on "Older posts".

P.S. The January issue of the Latvian Gardeners' Club (Latvijas dārzu biedrība) magazine "Dārzā" (In the Garden) has an article and photo essay (p. 34-37) on yours truly and the Temple to Johns. The text is in Latvian.