Friday, February 3, 2012

Saw-Cross for Sale. For more info see below.
With the onset of cold (very cold) temperatures, the swamps freeze over and trees are being cut at an increasing pace. In my area, the chain saws buzzed for two weeks every day, and where I would see trees, now there are vast swaths of white snow. I depend on wood burning Jotul stoves to keep me warm, and so does just about everyone else where I live. Of course, not everyone has a Jotul, but old brick stoves, which use more wood than my stove.
It occured to me that with forests no longer covering the ground, it is likely to get colder rather than warmer when the coldest part of winter arrives in January and February. My search on the internet brought up this link:
Since the Latvian countryside has already suffered a demographic crisis, a catastrophic depletion of population in the countryside, uncontrolled wood cutting on private property is likely to worsen the problem. I was interested to see the link mention the cooling effects of deforestation on NH (New Hampshire), an area that I am somewhat familiar with.from my days in the U.S.

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