Tuesday, July 27, 2010

16  One good reason for building your own private outdoor temple is the fact that many countries, especially those located in Eastern Europe, are against the freedom of conscience. We at the temple of "Melnays Jahnis" see this attempt to limit our choices as a form of spiritual corruption. 

See article at http://www.voltairenet.org/article166468.html

This site has no objections to a temple dedicated to Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, Krishna, or whomever one choses to dedicate it to. However, we believe that our times require and will be more receptive to a temple that is located in nature and is dedicated to no more than a sense of the sacred. As the reader may see from the entries and photos below, we are--as we claim to be--a private temple to our sense of the sacred.

While we welcome the public to share with us our sense of the sacred, we insist on the private nature of our temple. If there develops an interest in such temples among others, we may of course form a league of like minded for freedom of conscience.

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