Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The director of the tourist branch of the Latvian Ministry of Economics, Marina Pankova, does not think that Latvia will attract as many tourists as, say, Turkey. Says Pankova: "We [Latvia] will never be the goal of tourists." See here.

How sad to see and hear such assertions from bureaucrats without an imagination. This is why this question to the reader:

Would Latvia attract tourists if Latvia has a thousand temples?
We say: Of course, it would.

Would a thousand temples in Latvia built as sacred places honoring nature attract tourists to Latvia? Of course tourists would come to see. We at Black Johns (Melnays Jānis) believe that they would in fact come in great numbers.

But it takes a ministry filled with lively people rather than dundurheads to make it happen.

First comes the idea, then the encouragement to realize it (say, tax relief), then the building of it.

The Latvian countryside would benefit 1000 x!

So, why can the Prince of Wales support the English countryside, but Latvians cannot promote theirs?

As the man said to the new recruit: You are here so that I can change your attitude.

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