Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cut it down, cut it down!
Yesterday, July 13, 2010, traveling from Riga to Valmiera, I noted that the deforestation which I noted last fall and this spring, is turning these areas--thanks to the +30C heat--into a desert of grey sand an dry brush.

Sitting high in my bus seat, and thus able to look beyond and through the row of trees that flank the highway, one can see vast areas of just such a desert.

This morning this revealing article at the DELFI fortal (in Latvian) about the further deforestation of Latvia.

Note the letters accompanying the article. At least a half are from people who wish to see Latvia deforested, that is to say, these letters are more or less plants (no not real trees) to confuse the reader's mind. The Temple of Black John (Melnays Jānis) is opposed this "strip mining" of Latvia.

The photo below is our symbol of the saw-(ac)ross the tree's heart.

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