Monday, June 14, 2010

Kāpēc “Templis Melnays Jānis” izcirstiem mežiem?
Rakstiņš viens no pirmiem blogiem rakstu virknes apakšā!

An Invitation!
Sunday, June 20th at 15:00
Temple Black John
Of Disappeared Forests
the First Private Outdoor Temple in Latvia

located at „Celmalnieki”, Braslavas pagasts, Alojas novads
For directions see blog entries below

invites you to share with us in a bite of Johns Cheese
and a sing-along of Songs of Johns.
Participants include The Puikule Drama Assemble,
The Puikule Choir Ansemble Kolorīts.
The sing-along will be directed by Digna Virkstene.

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