Friday, June 4, 2010

The Temple of Johns of Disappeared Forests
or as in Latvian
"Jāņu templis izcirstiem mežiem"

is located in the northeaster part of Latvia and about a twenty minute ride from Burtnieku lake. More specifically, we are located at the former farmstead called "Ceļmalnieki" or "Waysiders", Braslavas pagasts, Alojas novads, Limbažu rajons, Latvia. Directions from Valmiera: drive to the small town of Matisi (23 km), then turn left on the road to Aloja until you reach the first crossroad at Vilzeni. At Vilzeni take a right toward Braslavas Park. About 6 km down the road, the road enter an oak covered alley. About a 1/2 km further, you will see a sign that reads "Melnays Jānis". Our temple is about 1 km from there on the right. Please park your car on the road.
 While planning for the temple began some ten years ago, the accelerating pace of deforestation in Latvia makes the temple ever so much more timely. The temple is private, and open for visits to the public on Sundays. We welcome inquiries for your special events, anything from meetings or conferences by the "Greens", a Garden Party, a weddings, to concerts, dance, etc. Please contact us by way of this blogsite.

As we have just put up a large canopy structure (see red roof), we can receive people on rainy days. The owner of the property, Eso Anton Benjamins, is available during the summer months as your guide. Anyone interested on a personalized tour, please contact this blogsite and tell us of the intended time of your visit.

Below are some pictures of the site. Please note that we are still building and adding new objects.

We welcome concerts and other performance groups. Our audience sits around our small ponds, while the performers do their serenading from the opposite side of the pond. However, we prefer that sound amplifiers not be used as a way to respect nature round about. If you hear a frog croak during the middle of a performance, its part of our plan.

The above are some pictures of our site. In due time we will be adding more. Below see blog that provides some information about John or Johns and h/her origins. Hope to see you soon.

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