Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Temple of Johns of Disappeared Forests

or as in Latvian "Jāņu templis izcirstiem mežiem"

The photos are of Lady or Leidīja, the unofficial mascot of our temple of Johns.
Pekse or Peksite may be my neighbor's dog, but I have seen her at other neighbors' houses who also have dogs. In short, she likes company. Peksite frequents the temple grounds, because something  usually goes on there, meaning there are people around. SPeksite always has a grin around her nose when we meet. When recently I walked around the pond, she followed me, and I just happened to have my camera along. No one feeds Pekse, but we do give her an occasional belly rub. Incidentally, for anyone who is curious, my grandfather's dog was named Peksis, and Peksite looks very much like Peksis.
Here Peksite wonders if to enter the pond for a swim and then does it.  
We soon walk back to the work site and Peksite dries off in the sun.
Come to visit us sometime soon. Who has heard of a "Temple of Johns of Disappeared Forests" in Latvia before? We believe along with our forebears that trees are sacred. We have some apple wood sculptures to prove that the flesh of a tree feels good to the touch.                          During our introductory phase, we may seem a little unsettled, but we are friendly and will try to meet you if you announce your visit ahead of time at "letters" of these blogs. We are a private property and have much concern for nature, therefore, please show respect for this little nature corner even if on occasion we are not available to meet you.
If you wish to find a place to celebrate Johns Eve as the locals do it, you are welcome to visit Braslavas Park on the eve of June 22nd. We are participating in the event by building the bonfire. Though the pagasts will be at the park, the Temple of Johns is only 1 km away, and on a nice evening it is a nice walk. For Directions see one of the blogs below.

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